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Bringing Denver-quality theatre to Bailey, CO

Bailey Theatre Company (BTC) was born out of many conversations with local business owners and community members. Over several years these conversations always lead to one thing: Bailey needs something that will entertain the locals and get people driving on US Highway 285 to stop and enjoy the town. The conclusion was that a theatre would do both.

At the same time, Bill Bruner was introduced to Ina Marlowe through a mutual friend, Lauren Drabble. Once Bill met Ina, he thought the right team was in place to make this theatre a reality. Ina Marlowe has an extensive background in running a theatre and creating the vision needed to lead the artistic side of the theatre forward.

In Feb. of 2020, BTC was born. We held our first fundraiser at Aspen Peak Cellars in Bailey to a sold out crowd and the reception was amazing. Unfortunately, COVID hit in March of 2020 and slowed the plans of BTC down. BTC's next fundraiser was in Oct. of 2020 at Glen Isle Resort and again, it was held to a sold out crowd that talked highly of the quality of the reading that BTC was able to do.

In July 2020, BTC became a recognized 501(c)(3) charity by the IRS.

In July of 2021, BTC held its third fundraiser, a reading of the play "Proof." This was the largest cast BTC had employed to this point and BTC added designers to give the audience a sense of what a full production would look like. This fundraiser was held again at Aspen Peak Cellars and the crowd was enthralled by the reading and the quality of the acting.

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